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Our Services

Custom Apps

We create custom AR apps tailored to your specific needs. We start with a discovery phase to thoroughly understand your requirements and goals, and then build to your specifications. Pick and choose from the capabilities below to build your dream app.

Custom Content Creation

Love our platform but don't have time to make the perfect presentation? Let us help. Our design team has deep expertise in producing engaging, impactful, and visually stunning presentations. Turn any company's collateral into professional AR enterprise presentations.

XRPlatform Scalable Backend

Shorten development time of your AR/VR app by integrating a robust scalable backend that includes computer-vision, geo-fencing, payment modules, team/user management, experience creation, and many more.

White Label

White labeling allows you to put your brand name on the SpearXR app and present it as your own. We incorporate your distinctive branding attributes such as logos, language, colors, and enable/disable existing features.

Integrated Business Solutions

Creation of interactive apps that combine webAR, webVR, AI, interactive web 3D and business logic to solve business goals.

Commercial Use

Experiences made with the SpearXR Platform are perfect for commercial use including advertising, promotion, and merchandising. With a commercial license, you can invite unlimited contributors from your organization to design pay per view AR content.


Online Experience Creation Studio

Create complex 3D experiences using our online studio. Experiences can be viewed in a mobile app, in browser or embedded on websites.

Interactive Experiences

Calls to action, quizzes, rewards and more.

Admin Dashboard

Create and manage content, users, experiences. Update the app content in real time.

Markerless Experiences

Experiences can be viewed anywhere (without a marker), such as placing products in your living room.

Robust Scalable Backend

Using our proprietary XRPlatform backend, shorten development time of AR/VR apps and scale using serverless technology, with CDN content distribution.

Marker Based Experiences

Trigger experiences when you point your device directly at content such as books, magazines, billboards, or physical objects.

SDK Capability

Ability to integrate functionality into your existing app, eliminating the need for an additional app.

Meetings (Collaborate in Real-Time)

Allows multiple users to be present in the same experience, see each other’s avatars, and communicate with each other.


Custom dashboards and daily email reports about behavior of your user base.

Live Portrait

Ability to animate still portraits.


No app or downloads are required. Experiences are accessed with the camera on your device.


Reward your audience with collectible AR content.

Machine Learning

Analyze your user’s emotional state using video, voice or text, and create custom responses.

Direct and Group Messaging

Allow your app community to communicate with each other in-app messaging.


Curate, design and view your NFT galleries in AR space.

Voice Chat

High quality voice chat integrated into AR experiences.

Indoor Navigation

Patented indoor and outdoor navigation using signage.

Streaming 4K Videos

Adaptive bitrate and CDN distribution.


Monetize your community using in-app purchases, shopping carts and subscriptions.


Create custom notification based on users activity, timing, or on the entire app community.

Social Media Feed

Allow your users to share their media into a real time app feed.

Our Flag Product

Post Reality is a web based SaaS product that enables creation and authoring of augmented reality experiences. Manage large teams and communities using post reality.

Post Reality


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